Terms and Conditions


(www.grt-consulting.com),  owned by the GRT Consulting LLP, which is being referred to herein as the “Company”.

GRT Consulting LLP provides consulting offerings, face to face and on-line trainings to its corporate and retail Customers (collectively herein called the Customers).  Its products/ services which are delivered to Customers are collectively called the ‘Company Products’.

By using the Company Products and Services, the Customers agree and warrant that they have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms. Our privacy policy can be found at the link privacy policy. If Customers do not accept these terms, they are not to use all or any part of the Company’s website and its Products or Services

Customers are expected to read the following clauses carefully before they use the Products and the Services of the Company.

  • Customers should respect website terms and conditions and follow the privacy policy.
  • The Company retains the right to change the website contents as it deems fit, based on
    situational and other circumstances. Under no circumstances, the company will be held liable for any change in the website content, including but not limited to any errors, omissions, content /price changes, loss or damage experienced in use of Company  products etc
  • GRT Consulting LLP strives to provide un-interrupted access to its website and services – but are not responsible for issues beyond its control etc.
  • Customers can use the Site, the Service and the Content for their personal,
    non-commercial use only.
  •  All website content or products seen in our website are copyrighted and belongs to
    GRT Consulting LLP only. It is not permitted to copy, transfer or otherwise use these unless specific permission is obtained from the Company.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The entire contents of the website are protected by copyright and trademark laws. The owner of the copyrights and trademarks are GRT Consulting LLP, its affiliates or other third party licensors as the case may be. The material on the site, including text, graphics etc. are copyrighted and belongs to GRT Consulting LLP.

The Company reserves the rights to disable or prohibit access to the users who do not respect or involve in the infringement of Company intellectual property.

Transaction Terms

  • The Customers who purchase commercial products/ services through our website,
    are liable to pay for that transaction.
  • Details of the payment such as the total bill, taxes, shipping costs, discounts are specified
    alongwith the transaction, which the Customers are expected to pay attention to during the payment.
  • Few products require additional terms and conditions which the Customers have to agree before they make the purchase.
  • GRT Consulting LLP makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to any products sold through our website.
  • The Company retains the right to modify, change without prior notice and in its sole discretion, to limit the order quantity / price on any item or decline to sell the item.

All the prices, products and offerings of the Company are liable to change without prior notice. The price decided at the time of purchase holds good for billing purposes.

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